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4th Smoothie [Video// slightly backdated to tuesday]
alienroulette wrote in thewake_rp
[The feed switches on to show a panicked Ben Tennyson. He keeps glancing off screen at something. Ben manages to regain his composure before he speaks. He sounds winded.]

Someone! Anyone! I need a doctor at the Northern Welcome House immediately!  Haibara is really sick, and she's getting colder by the second.

[He sets the phone down and moves off screen.]

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Get a blanket over her if you haven't already, kid. I'm on my way!

((OOC: Crash that existing log, y/n?))

Alright! Blankets, got it!

((OOC: Do it!))

She hasn't eaten since she got here because she doesn't believe in Bending and I think she didn't take anything from the stores because she thinks it's stealing. So she passed out in the street.

I should've seen this coming...

[Have a look of absolute horror that I don't have an icon for! Because on of his fears is totally starving to death- which is very likely for a kid with SUPERMETABOLISM and all]

Is she going to be okay? Is Ratchet there yet? Can I come see her? Would that be crowding her?

[Questions questions questions AHHHH]

Yeah, Ratchet got here a few minutes ago.

I think I'm going to get an earful for telling the whole world about her getting sick anyway, so I guess it wouldn't do any harm in coming to visit.

You've met Haibara before right?

Oh thank God.

[He chews on his bottom lip. Worry worry worry]

Yeah, Mitham and I were the ones that got her when she came here.

Oh right, she mentioned seeing you guys. [Not in a nice way.]

Well I guess she'd be alright with visitors, but you know how social Haibara is.

[And by "social" he means completely anti-social]

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[Chuckle. Still worried, but lightening up a bit since it seems she's ok]

Most social kid in Nautilus.

[Well that remained to be seen. He just didn't want Wally to worry, so he gave a small chuckle of his own.]

She's going to kill me for putting this on the network.


[And him too, since he's going to show up and bug her.

Speaking of which, is it OK if I pop in the log?]

[Just have a cheesey smile.]

Well I know she wont show it, but she'll be happy to have some friends around.

[Sure, just wait on Ratchet's diagnosis and my next tag.]


[Cause he'll be there whether she likes it or not.]


[ooc: hope you don't mind me threadjacking? ^.^;]

[Sanji had listened worriedly, hearing that a lady was ill, though he wasn't familiar with this Haibara yet. He knew he didn't have the skills to help her, though, and left that to the doctors that would respond. The mention of her not eating, however, caused a cold jolt of shock to go through him.]

WHAT!? Where is she? Where are you? How long has she been without food? I'll hurry over with something suitable immediately!

[He cursed himself for not being able to help earlier. No one went hungry while he was around... Not if he could help it.]

[ooc: Not at all, I was actually wondering what happened to Sanji :D]

[Sanji's sudden freak out startled Ben.]

Whoa! Whoa! Calm down Sanji. We're at the Northern Welcome house. Haibara hasn't eaten in about three days, but I don't think she can keep anything down right now.

Ratchet is setting up an I.V for her right now.

[ooc: heh... I haven't been able to focus lately, but hopefully I can get back on track now. ^.^;]

[He nodded faintly, already going over various foods to serve someone who hadn't eaten for a while in his head, muttering to himself.] Okay, good... Three days isn't that long. Not preferable, not by a long shot... but not an emergency, at least. Simple soups, or broth... Perhaps a light beef stew? No... she can't handle much at this point. Just have to get some needed protein into her... Lean cut, soft and tender... Maybe instead just a small, thin strip of meat. Or perhaps scrambled eggs? A glass of milk, definitely...

[Coming back to himself, he looked up at Ben, nodding firmly.] I'll make her a light meal, and bring it up to the Northern Welcome House as soon as I'm done. The I.V. will help, but it will be good to get some nutrients in her soon.

[ooc: \o/ good to have you back]

[Ben waited for Sanji to finish talking to himself. He knew Sanji could bake but he didn't know the man was so into food.]

Sounds good. I could ask Wally to come get you when it's done?

[ooc: heh... thank you! \o/]

[Sanji picked up his communicator, so he could still speak with Ben while he hurried to the kitchen, and started getting out pots and ingredients to start cooking.]

Perhaps that would be good. I've been to Orihime-chan's place, at Ground Zero... is the Northern Welcome House anywhere around there? If it's faster, I can just bring all the ingredients with me, and cook it there.

Yeah it is. Only a few blocks away from the Medbay I think.

Sure, you could use our kitchen. I'm sure Haibara will appreciate a hot meal.

Or not.

Worth a shot though.

Good. I know my way to Ground Zero, at least... I can meet this 'Wally' there, and he can show me the rest of the way. Let me just gather up some supplies, then I'll take those... array things and be right there.

Fluids are important to start with. If you have any milk, try giving her some? Small sips...

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