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5th Hand ♠ [Accidental Video]
lighting up
rat_des_marais wrote in thewake_rp
[Well, after getting the hell beat out of him by a certain green man who will remain anonymous if Six chooses to remain anonymous, Remy has certainly picked up on his training. Didn't have the Danger Room anymore. Didn't have Wolverine and the others. Didn't have New Orleans. This was all on him now.]

[So, his trench coat was draped over a low branch while Remy worked on his savate in the Southern forest, his bo-staff in hand and whipping around just as quickly as he moves. The ends had long since blurred into one motion of silver by how fast he started to move about.]

[And then they turned a little whiter...]

[And then they turned a little pinker...]

[He brought the staff down on his imaginary enemy, a magenta pulse rolling through the ground, blasting rocks from the ground and a couple of nearby trees out of some of their roots. Obviously, he looked up in surprise, panting from the workout. That certainly wasn't intended...]

[... Remy straightens up... then eventually walks close to his jacket, not noticing the camera, but stripping one of the branches of its leaves. A bright, purple fire flared to life in his hand... and he smiled.]

Ville n'est si mauvais pas apres tout...

[He threw the glowing leaves to the air, watching them blow up like fireworks.]

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am envious.

[Oh, was that thing on?]

[He chuckles, flexing his hand.]

Ya can be jealous all ya want, homme. I'm jus' happy it finally came back. Can' believe I'd ever miss my powers.

... Course, can' ya do all dat wit Bendin' anyway?

((ooc: Anywho? Really?))

Edited at 2012-02-09 12:28 am (UTC)

Schway powers. Just watch where you throw those.

[ Videoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo ]

Il pourrait être bien pire.

[ Who knew she still remembered her French? Her teacher would be SO HAPPY. ]

That's a pretty cool power.

Edited at 2012-02-09 12:34 am (UTC)

[ Videoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo ] \o/

Je déteste voir que.

[He chuckles, happy to find another french speaker in this place.]

An' oui, merci. I missed it more dan I thought.

That your power thing?

[OH SO MUCH ENVY. You get cool powers. He gets turned into a cat.]

Oui. [Laughs.] Dat my power thing. Glad it came back.

Wow, that's cool!

Oui, il n'est.

[Because it's true.]

Never been happier ta see it.

What kind of magic is that?

No' magic. My natural power. Dey call me a mutant where I come from.

[Uses his forefinger and thumb to open a red and black eye wide.]

It be obvious why, oui?

[For a while, Sanji was watching Gambit's moves, closely... Another person in Nautilus with a style very close to his! Very interesting! The glowing-energy-thing was new, though.]

What sort of power is that? [He mused, not realizing he spoke out loud, eyes wide. Those were TREES he uprooted, there!]

[Why, hello there, new face.]

Dat be my own mutant power from home. City finally thought it wise ta give it back.

Ah! This is being the most neat of tricks!

Merci, homme.

[Hadn't seen a Cyberthingy like you before...]

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