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[005; video/action -- sliiiightly backdated!]
hate to be the one to break it to you;
ashensorrow wrote in thewake_rp
If the offer's still good, I think I'd like to learn how to bend now.

Of course, I'll be needing a teacher.

[In addition, Haibara will be leaving a whole bouquet of red spider lilies (with bluebells nestled discreetly in between them) addressed to Ben, without a sender, where he can find it. What a horrible time for a prank like this, right? Ratchet and Sanji will be given bluebells, and so will Kid Flash and Mitham (and all his adorable little companions too).]

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Offer's still open. Whenever you're free. [He's just sitting and playing with his cat, right now, while his panda tries to snuggle with his emu...silly animals.]

Good to hear.

Where are you now?

[She does love watching his odd choice in company. They're all so different, but they seem to get along surprisingly nicely.]

[Honestly, the only one that was his choice was the cat. The others just...kind of happened.]

In my home, in the North. If you give me an idea of where you are I can be there in a moment.

[Quite the number for companions that just "happened!"]

The Welcome House, same district.

[One was a city gift to him, the other showed up on his doorstep after a friend went to Sleep. What can he say? They like him....oh...but there are the rabbits. He guesses those were intentional, though they stay in a little area in the back. Those were all rescues...]

All right. I'll be there. [He gives his cat a finally pet, pets the bird and cub, and then vanishes from the screen, a moment later the feed ends.]

[And Mitham is appearing in the doorway of the Northern Welcome house.] Haibara? [He did say a moment.]

[... Mitham, are you a Disney Princess in disguise?

By the time she shows up to meet him, however, she looks rather shaken, to put it lightly; her blue eyes are wide and staring and she looks more than the slightest bit frightened. She quickly covers that up with a very serious glare.]

... change of plans: come back later or— help me find Ben. Joke gone wrong. Tell me if you see any strange red flowers!

[She'll catch his hand and try to pull on it. Well, it must be bad if Haibara's asking for help.]

[Don't give the City or the mun any ideas. He just doesn't like to see senseless violence (hence the rescued rabbits), and the rest the city is to blame.]

[He gives a frown, concerned. He nods.] I'll help. Tell me what you know.

[Mum's the word!

She looks grateful, but still frowns.] Thanks.

I don't know... but he must still be around here!
It hasn't been long since I last saw the flowers where I left them.

[And considering she was fine before he teleported to the door it really couldn't be long.]

Flowers? [A cringe.] What kind of flowers? [Not that he'll know the meaning, but he can ask that next.]

[It really couldn't have been! So, she'll run off to look as soon as she answers his question:]

Red spider lilies.

[He idea what those mean or will do to a person, but he'll run off to look for Ben too....this probably isn't a good thing.]

Looks like Mitham's got it, but if you ever want more than one teacher, I'm always willing to help out.

[YAY FLOWERS YAY. They don't really have much of an effect on him, but they're definitely in the background of the video in a nice little vase.]

I'll keep it in mind.

[Fortunately, he only got nice flowers and it'll take her a little while to find out the flowers can even have strange effects on people.]

No problem.

[Poor Haibara XD]

[Ben's found the flowers. He walks in behind Haibara but he grimaces and starts backtracking quietly upon seeing her. For some reason he doesn't want to be anywhere near her.]

[Guess who just found out the flowers affect people?

Why are the flowers not where she left them?! Not good, not good...!

She's still searching for them (perhaps they've just been moved or maybe she didn't place them where she thought she did), when she spots Ben.]

A-ah, Ben!

[She isn't going to have to chase him, is she? Does he still have the flowers? She's hoping that if he just stopped making contact with them, maybe they'd no longer have an effect... but it was only a guess.]

[He's clutching the flowers and looking like he was just spotted by a bear.]

[And he's out of the house in record time.]

Oh, no, you won't!

[She'll look back; Mitham was somewhere around here, searching too, right? She'll whip around.] Mr. Mitham, Ben left through the door!

I'm on it!

[Being an Angelii has it's advantages. He races out the door much faster than is Humanly possible, and takes a look around for Ben.]

[He's booking it down the street as fast as he can. Those red flowers and green jacket don't really allow him to blend in with the evironment.]

[...... -shamelessly backtags- ^^;;; ]

[She wishes she had Conan's stun watch right now...

How to grab someone larger than her, with longer legs more adept to running? She can't catch up to him like this...!

Well, small as this body is, her voice hasn't really changed... she could still shout. There's no one else to call out to for help, is there?

Alright, maybe deception'll help! She takes in a breath and shouts, as loud as she can:]


[She's hoping he'll throw them as soon as he hears those words, but she still doesn't know if just dropping the flowers will end their effects.]

[Ben skids to a halt and looks at the flowers he's still clutching like it was poison. He flings the bouquet back at her and realises he's given Haibara time to catch up to him. Of course Ben doesn't believe she'll keep her word so he breaks into a run again.]

[OH, THE SAME. ... more ashamed of this cutesy convenience, right now.]

[She can't catch him. It didn't work... he's still running away.

All this because of her own aversion to being sincere. Why did she pull off such a stupid prank?!

She should've known this place would have turned it against her.]
Ben, please, wait!

[She isn't even back to full strength yet. She's tired of running and Mitham hasn't caught up to him yet, but she doesn't want him bolting down streets like this— she might still catch him, now, before he moves too far away.] Please! I—

[Why couldn't they be something else? Anything else, something more genuine, something kinder... red tulips, periwinkles— blue or white, it doesn't matter, anything nice, anything that could fix this!

She'll just barely catch up to him, eyes shut and legs numb from all the running. When she does, she'll reach out to him only to thrust a previously non-existant handful of odd, blue-mottled white periwnkles at him; there's only one flower of each colour that's purely blue or purely white.

She blinked.]

[Well, she might've just accidentally bended. Blue periwinkles are early friendships, white are pleasant memories. Her weird halfbreeds, well, she's not sure what they might do.

Does flinging flowers at someone have any effect? Because she's very tempted to try it, in her present confusion.]

[ooc: *is late, late... SOOOOO late to this!*]

[Sanji knows about the flower effects, now... so he had quickly looked up bluebells before accepting them.]

Thank you very much, Miss Haibara. You're keeping well, I trust?

[Action: It's fine. x3;; ]

You're welcome...

Yes. And yourself?

[She isn't much of a talker.]

I am fine, Miss Haibara. Thank you kindly for asking. Is there anything you need?

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