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[Action] - Valentine's Day Chocolate
Flying Free
leekspin wrote in thewake_rp
[Agent Six, Alphonse Elric, Axel, Batman, Blurr, Caesar Salazar, Death, Drift, Edward Elric, England, Hikaru Hitachiin, Jetstorm, Johann Trinity, Lelouch vi Britannia, Mao, Michael Trinity, Mitham, Optimus Prime, Peter Parker, Ratchet, Rex Salazar, Rion Steiner, Sanji, Sideswipe, Skyfire, Sora, Sqwydd, Suzaku Kururugi, V, William Jesse Grant, Wing, and Zevran Aranai all get a special delivery early in the morning. A small plate features a single chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate whipped cream, and surrounded by small pieces of dark chocolate molded in the shape of boxy 50's-style robots. They would have been truffles, but considering how much trouble the truffles from last year were, Orihime thought solid chocolate might be better received. Included is a pink card with a simple 'Happy Valentine's Day!' message, signed from Orihime.]

[The last person on her delivery route gets something just a bit nicer, as well as an actual knock on the door instead of a dump-and-run. A triple-layer chocolate cake studded with raspberries and mint leaves is held carefully in her arms as she stands on Souji's doorstep, grinning from ear to ear.]

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[Souji opens the door and does an admirable job of making eye contact with Orihime rather than staring at the cake.]

Good morning.

[PRESENT CAKE! Just try to avoid looking at it now.]

Good morning! Happy Valentine's Day! You didn't have a locker, so...

[She's still pretty hyped. Her first real chocolate gift to a boy! And this time it's not just complimentary 'you're my friend and also a guy' chocolate!]

You could eat it for breakfast, if you wanted to, hee hee!

[Yeah that's not going to happen.]

I might. [He accepts the cake.]

We're on for movies this evening, right?

[Video] ... the cute... asdfsdfasdf my teeth WHAT HAPPENED TO MY TEETH

[It takes a while for Caesar to discover the chocolates, but when he does, he can't help but smile. If it wasn't Orihime, he might be concerned that this was flirting, but he knows much better than that with her. She just likes giving people things.

So when he goes to thank her, he's grinning.

I found the chocolates. Thank you, Orihime! I'm afraid I don't have anything to give you in turn, but I'll find something. Or make it.

[You'll have to explain the concept of White Day to him. He doesn't know about it.]

[Video] Teeth are overrated!

I don't want anything in return! It's traditional for girls to give their guy friends chocolate on Valentine's Day, and you're definitely a friend and a guy!

['s a nice thought! And a very well-decorated cupcake. He'll probably give his to Ed in the meantime since he still takes to his armored form, but the least he can do is keep the card and send a message back.

Sometimes Bending does make things easier.

Alphonse sends back a little card as well, red instead of pink, reading 'Thanks - and a Happy Valentine's Day to you!'

[She means well! And though she knows he can't eat, she thought he would have felt bad if Ed was the only one who got chocolate. At the very least the chocolate robots are nice to look at. Nonetheless, she loves her card, and she pins it to the board on her wall to brighten up the dreary February days.]

[Six isn't that much of a fan of chocolate, but he'll leave it out for Holiday or Rex to munch on once he's made certain it's not poisoned.]

[However, he does send a message to Orihime. He might as well be nice since she keeps doing all this. Even if it does unnerve him.]


You're welcome! ♥

[It's a short time before a certain speedster will head out of his bunk, feeling more or less lazy this day, but as soon as he opens his door to leave, he will notice the gift sitting there, waiting for him.]

[After bending to pick it up, he finds the note and... d'awwww, Orihime. He is amused with the robot shape of the chocolate.]

[Here, have a private message for you, little human.]

Orihime, I found your gift. Thank you very much. That was sweet of you. Creative, too. Did you have Cybertronians on your mind today?

You're welcome! And I suppose I did, a little. I've just always really liked robots, so I wanted to make chocolate ones, hee hee!

[Sanji is THRILLED, beyond words, to have received chocolate from Orihime. He made up a quick box of white chocolates and petit fours for her in return, drizzling designs of hearts and flowers on them, leaving them in a box wrapped with a red ribbon, and a tag, on her doorstep.]

[The tag reads: "I thank you for the Valentine's gift, Orihime-chwan! ♥ Please humbly receive these gifts in return as a sign of my love and devotion~! ♥ Your slave to love, Sanji. ♥"]

[THE BEST EARLY WHITE DAY PRESENT EVERRRRRRR!!! You better believe she loved the chocolates and mini-cakes to pieces and ate every last bite.]

[And then she volleys back the favor with some sort of fruit crisp made from an unidentified harvest in Helix. She doesn't know what the fruit is called, but it's tart and sweet and makes for an excellent cobbler. And there's a tag for him too attached to it.]

["Thank you for the return gifts, Sanji-san! Please not-so-humbly receive my thanks for your thanks with this cobbler. It's really good with ice cream!"]

[MORE GIFTS FROM ORIHIME-CHAN! Sanji was thrilled, spinning happily around his room. And that tart! So interesting, so different! What sort of fruit had been in that?! He couldn't identify it.]

[Forgoing another round of sending items with notes, he fiddled around with his communicator for a moment, before sending out a text message.]

My beautiful Orihime-chan ♥

Thank you ever-so-much for that delicious cobbler. It was sweet, and delicate... it reminded me muchly of you, Orihime-chan~! ♥ I haven't ever tasted anything like it! What fruits did you use for it? May I have the recipe, please?

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