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[Video] - Locked to Princely Types
We are ridiculously awesome.
mmmleather wrote in thewake_rp
[If the Reality Storm has decided you are the sort to rescue princesses and/or princes, then this post is wide open to you.]

[It's Zevran. In... an interesting red outfit. And sprawled up on what appears to be a stupidly plush throne of some kind or another. He has a glass of wine in one hand, and is grinning lazily.]

Ah, it has been some time since last we spoke, O magical network, has it not? But! Never fear!

I still recall our various deals. So! In that vein, should any one of you still require someone to... endanger... your beloved... all I ask is the usual fee, and I shall abduct your true love to the lap of luxury until you come for them.

You know where to find me.

[And he gives the video a slow, almost sultry, nod before it ends.]

((ooc: YES SO. Evented!Zevran is offering to kidnap people so their True Loves and whatnot can come save them. A log will follow later where this can all be done, for your convenience.))

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[Chie sees the type of person this message is locked to. Which would explain her confused and slightly put-out expression.]

W...wait, why am *I* on this filter?!

... I certainly have no idea.

[She would grump about this further, but...this whole business is kind of...]

You're not serious about the kidnapping thing, are you? That's a pretty sleazy thing to do to a girl!

[Sanji's angry glare is nullified, somewhat, by the overly goofy, lavender, poofy-sleeved (and pants) outfit he's wearing.] You would DARE endanger a fair maiden's safety for money!? For SHAME, knave! [He pauses, then goes over mentally what Zevran actually said, then gets a confused look on his face.] Wait... you're kidnapping them but leaving them in a place of lavish comfort? This makes no sense... [He shakes his head, then narrows his eyes again.] Even a luxurious prison is still a prison. If you are abducting women against their will... if you are harming them in any way... I shall indeed come to rescue them!

I never said their safety was in any danger. I also did not say I would be harming them... unless, of course, they enjoyed that sort of thing. In which case, I would be happy to assist.

... Ah, but if you came to rescue the abducted, those who sought out to save them would be most put out.

And besides! The kidnapped princes would feel so very overlooked.

[He's a little mollified by this.] mmm... good. So long as they are not harmed... though kidnapping is hardly pleasant, in and of itself.

I am a prince, knave! It is my duty to rescue fair maidens from those who would seek their harm...

I don't care about kidnapped princes. [Little does he know a lady or two are masquerading as princes.]

Oh, I don't know. It could be. Have you ever been kidnapped, yourself?

[As he speaks, a very... scantily clad... individual -- provided by Nautilus for the Storm -- pokes her head into view and whispers something to him. He grins, and nods to her, before turning back to the video.]

It can be very pleasant, I assure you.

As for doing them harm... I should think we had already cleared that up. They are far from harmed while they stay with me.

Why is my first princely reply happen to be to ZEVRAN of all people.

True princes do not need the help of trickery to win the affection of their true loves!

It is not completely trickery. They have been kidnapped, after all.

I suppose this is true. Still, I will have no need of your services. A prince must conduct themselves in an honorable manner at all times. It would not be honorable to pay for one's love to be kidnapped.

If you had no need to hire me... why did you bother to say anything at all, my friend?

[Rialynn has heard that Zevran is wearing a hilarious cheesy red outfit, and that he's actually doing pretty well for himself during this reality storm. Naturally, she has to come check it out. Besides, she's curious to see if he's even affected. So, eventually, she finds where he's staying and knocks at the door. Nothing wrong with a friendly visit, right? There's no mistletoe this time, anyway.]

Zevran? Are you at home?

[The palace Zevran has found is... opulent, to say the least. It's lavish, well-decorated, and just plain beautiful. All kinds of servants, all of them equally beautiful, scurry around, attending to their duties.]

[One of them answers the door... And he's not wearing much more than some tastefully decorated leather underwear.]

[A true lady would blush and avert her eyes. Rialynn? She just feels profound relief. Well if that's what he prefers, then the kiss meant absolutely nothing! Nothing at all! REJOICE!]

How do you do? I'm here to see Zevran, is he in?

[The servant nods, and directs her inside. Where... another servant, this one wearing a leather bikini number, leads her to where the Antivan "prince" is lounging.]

[On a very plush and oversized bed.]

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