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[ Accidental Scry // Not So Accidental Action ]
sonic_blasts wrote in thewake_rp
[ The sea is home to many mermaids - but not all of them are kindhearted. Circe, Mermaid with the Alluring voice, had arranged a bet with her elderstepsister Dana. Just how many bodies COULD she lure into the ocean? Let's ask Mr. Owl! ]

[ Through the scrying pools and scrying mirrors, one can see a black and red mermaid leaping out of the water occasionally, swimming away from the lagoon. Totally harmless, right? Well, by mid evening, it's not. That's when Circe, bored with swimming about idly, begins to sing. To those suckers vulnerable to the mersong, she coaxed them from their homes to come to the sea. It's warm and safe and we all float here. Throw yourself into the water! Fling yourself from the highest cliff and dash yourself to pieces on the rocks to reach the pretteh pretteh mermaid. The how is unimportant - net result? Come to see the enchanting mermaid AND DROWN YOURSELVES (or be drowned) in the process. MWA hA HA ... HA AND HA. ]

[ OOC: Erm. Yes. SO! Those who signed up to be lured by MerCirce (and even if you didn't sign up but wanna be lured anyway OR if you want to see the shenanigans going on and want to come to the R*E*S*C*U*E, have at! >3 A-and since I'd rather not kill people in fact, COME RESCUE. :I Do eet! ]

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[Not one to be outdone by her sister, Dana is frolicking near the beach, ready to lead any unfortunate humans on a chase into the ocean. Circe's voice might bring them to the beach, but we'll see who gets them into the water.]

[Mitham has definitely noticed the pretty fish lady swimming in whatever reflective surface. He's not immune to to the beauty of a woman, and sooner or later he finds himself just watching.]

[And then she start singing. He doesn't know why, but he feels compelled to move now, not just sit and watch.]

[And all too soon he finds himself at the beach. My the water looks nice. And look! Another beautiful woman! He'll start heading her way.]

[Dana giggles and waves at the boy, staying just out of reach. When he's not looking, she turns to Circe and smirks. Score one for the beautiful sister~]

[ Story of her life. See a guy, and someone else ends up getting him. She flashes an irritated scowl at her sister, and hmphfs slightly. The night isn't over yet. ]


[Having failed to acquire himself a trusty steed with which to navigate the city, Rex is on foot and trying to make his way through the Eastern District when he catches the sound of something or someone calling to him. ...what is that alluring sound?!]

[Coming to a halt near the beach, he sways on his feet, eyes half-lidded. That's positively beautiful. So much so that he must find out who or what is making it. Toward the beach he goes, whirring and clicking as his joints move...until he reaches the dock. *CLANK CLANK CLANK* go his foot falls as he makes his way toward dock's end...]

[Action] My favorite kind! :3

[ The haunting singing stops briefly when MerCirce spots someone drawing near to the beach. Dana was NOT getting this one too. She swims a little closer. He's so close - and ...what an odd looking human. Well, beggars can't be choosers, right? She starts singing again - come on, you're almost there! Come join her in the water. She's a nice and friendly mermaid, really! ]

[When the singing ceases, Rex glances around blearily, confused. What just happened? ...why is he on the dock?]

[Oops, no. Wait...there's that lovely sound again! Rex's lids droop again and he plods forward, getting closer to the edge of the dock...]

[And with a splash, drops off the edge completely and right into the water where he sinks like a stone. Confusion kicks in as he ends up on the sand and rocks several feet under water by one of the dock support beams, but overall? He's not that alarmed because he doesn't need to breathe.]

[So he just sits there for a few seconds before getting back to his feet and glancing around.]

[ That's right derpknight, come into my parl-- or, well, ocean. And when he sinks so quickly, with not even a yell or flailing about or anything, Circe just laughs. MWA HA HA --wait. What? ]

Why isn't he drowning...? [ Curiouser and curiouser. She dives under the water, following where the man sank. ]

[Rex peers through the water, noting a few fish swimming by before he sees something coming toward him in the distance. The ocean water is fairly clear, yet it's hard to tell just what it is that he's seeing. So he starts toward it, plodding along the bottom of the bay, movements slowed by being fully immersed.]

[Though as he moves along, he notes a rock pile nearby that looks like it peaks just above water overhead. Perhaps he should head that way. If his visitor is of the non-friendly variety, he'd have a better chance putting up a fight out of the water...]

[ What is this. What. Not only did he have the audacity to not drown, but he was even walking along! Alive and everything. This goes against everything. But as she got closer -- well...erm... what was she supposed to even say? 'Hey why aren't you drowning?' Legitimate question really, but the priority was keeping him in the water. Maybe it was a delayed reaction? Or he could hold his breath really really long. ]


[ Stay right where you are~! Damn her lack of Danacharm. With a flip of her tail, she propelled herself forward more quickly, not hampered by silly things such as metal. ]

[He blinks a few times when he realizes what is coming toward him... A mermaid.]

[Unfortunately, he can't speak that well underwater, any attempts just resulting the release of air that was still trapped inside his chest and throat. Nevertheless, he flashes her a suave smile, trying to look calm, cool and collected about the situation. She might be part fish, but the part that's more human is rather pretty. He even bows a little bit in greeting. What a gentleman!]

[And somehow, through it all, he utterly fails to realize it was the mermaid who called him out to sea in the first place.]

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[ So he can't speak underwater - but he still isn't drowning. This is kind of fascinating. And now that she was up close -- well he wasn't that bad looking actually. Kind of cute, actually. She grins at the bow in greeting. Cute AND gentlemanly. ]

[ Oh god, what is she thinking. Damn that Orihime, infecting her with her ways! Still Circe circles him curiously - hope you don't mind the invasion of space there, Rex. ]

What ARE you? You don't drown underwater like the other humans do - and this... this is metal clothing? [ Folding her arms. It isn't very efficient for moving around in water. But this is an Interesting Thing(tm). Dana would be so jealous maybe. Yep, she's going to have to keep this human. As a pet! But first she needed to know more, so she points towards those nearby rocks with one hand, and reaches down to grab his hand with the other. Come on, you strangely cute clockwork human. ]

[Oh he, definitely doesn't mind! Her circling him lets him get a better look at her and from what he can tell, she's checking him out. Quite the compliment, isn't it?]

[Seeing as how he can't answer her question, Rex looks toward the rocks, then takes her hand. He knows he's on the heavy side given what he's made out of, so he moves as quickly as he's able to plod along behind her.]

[And once they get to the rocks, he starts to climb up them toward the surface.]

[ Totally checking him out. Er, I mean, NO, what are you crazy? -cough- ]

[ Once she drew near enough to the rocks, she somewhat reluctantly let go of his hand, waiting for him to climb to the surface before swimming up to the surface herself. ]

[ Absently she brushed her hands together, then reached out to take hold of the nearest rock, staring in rapt fascination for the first few seconds. He is an enigma and a puzzle with pretty pretty wrapping. No, Circe, stop that. ]

Who are you, ... you don't look like the humans I have seen walking along the beach, or sealing the ships.

[Action] Pfft, whoops. Account expired! Using regular icons for now.

[Pretty, pretty wrapping indeed! Once he reaches the surface, the play of light off his shining armor is obvious, especially with the water around him reflecting some of it. Even his eyes have a sort of unnatural metallic glint to them, a rich copper in color.]

[Though for as much of a mystery as he is to her, so the same can be said in reverse. He knows she is a mermaid, but she is a particularly lovely one with a very attractive voice. He feels...drawn to her. Enchanted by her.]

I am Sir Rex, fair lady, though you may feel free to ignore the formalities and simply call me Rex. I am a knight, a champion of the people, but I am not human. Unfortunately, my memories were stolen from me some time ago and I cannot recall how or why I am of clockwork gears and springs instead of flesh. Perhaps I have always been this way, perhaps not. I do not know.

[And truthfully, he does not, though he's got the feeling that he should not be made of metal. What he should be is unknown, however.]

[ Yes. And the way that water reflects off of his armor, and especially his eyes is clearly the only reason she's staring. Yes. This reason and no other. Are you buying it?]

Rex ... [ There's a moment that says this name should be really important, but she ignores it. It can't be THAT important. ]

My name is Circe. [ How easily she volunteers her name. ]

My sister's spoken of knights before, and I've seen some - from a distance, but ... they're nothing like you are.

[ And not just because he was made of metal. She listens to his explanation, rationalizing that it was okay to be fascinated crush on this person since he wasn't human. ]

Your memories were stolen? That's awful - I'm so sorry, Rex.

[Action] Will try to continue this if you're game. Since, you know. Canon craziness. 8|

[Somehow, the name Circe is familiar...but only just barely. Not enough to even gnaw at the back of his mind and cause him a moment's hesitation.]

A lovely name for an equally lovely lady.

[Rex smiles, confident now even though he's still underwater from the midsection down.]

I am most definitely one of a kind. Do not be too sorry over my amnesia. One day I will learn the truth and regain my memories, I am sure. For now, I remain watchful for clue to my past...and those who may be in need of my help.

Or those who I might like to get to know better.

[Feeling bold, he takes one of her hands in his...and kisses the back of it.]

[Action] Heck yes <3 also highwag;haiwgha ilLOL deds

[ Once again, Circe was very glad Dana and Orihime were nowhere to be seen. She'd never hear the end of it if Dana were around, and Orihime would probably ... well she would be as sweet as she always was. ]

Then I will hope that you will recover your memories swiftly.

[ Oh he was -smooth-, she had to give him that. Her eyes widened slightly at the kiss to the back of her hand, strictly telling her heart to stop racing. And not just stop entirely, that would be bad. Still, the gesture wasn't exactly unwelcome, from the smile she gave, moving closer. ]

I would like that - to get to know you better as well, I mean.

[ It almost surprised her to admit this. Though noting he was still in water, sudden concern flickered in her eyes. ]

Your body ... it won't become damaged from the salt water will it?

[The combination of the change caused by the storm plus what Rex has learned in dating Raye (still with him despite the fact that he can't remember he HAS a girlfriend) allow him to pull off the gentlemanly, knight-in-shining armor routine. A good thing, too, otherwise there would be lot less smooth and a lot more bad pick-up lines.]

[Despite his confidence, however, her reply gets him blushing the faintest bit, cheeks tinted a barely noticeable pink. A very human response made possible by the heart shaped stone giving him life.]

Hm, the water... [His expression became a tad more serious at the question and he broke eye contact to look down at where the water came up to his chest plate.] I suppose it is possible. That leaves us with quite the problem, though. You, confined to the water while I am meant to be on land...

[ Probably for the best. No matter how funny the bad pick up lines would be. At that blush, Circe smiles a bit more, until she had to go and ask That question. Stupid Circe, you let your concern for a random attractive stranger - er, wait. ]

Yes. I had thought little of land dwellers my entire life in the sea. Until meeting you.

... It almost shames me to admit, but I wish I had been a land dweller myself. Perhaps I would have met you again. Maybe then -

[ She stops herself there, embarrassed. What a silly thing to say! A chance to be with a land dweller? It was - ]

I think I perhaps understand my stepsister Orihime a little right now.

[ Her love for land dwellers. Ahahaha. ]

I cannot go very far upon the land, but I don't want to put you at risk in the sea any further. [ Which is ironic considering the whole reason she was out here was to drag people under da sea to drown. ]

[Sanji had been out on the lower tier of his small tower-by-the-sea, getting a breath of fresh air, when the sound of the most gorgeous music he had ever heard reached his ears. Hands on the parapet, he leaned over the edge, looking for where that haunting melody came from. When he saw Circe swimming in the water below, he nearly toppled out of the tower in a fit of joy.]

[A mermaid! An alluring, graceful mermaid, and swimming just underneath his tower! And with such a beautiful singing voice~! Sanji nearly jumped out of the tower right then and there, but managed to reatain a BIT of sensibility, stopping short. He'd never be able to see the mermaid if he tossed himself onto the rocks below, after all! Dashing inside, he jogged down the steps, exiting out onto the beach. He ran across the sandy beach, towards the water's edge, arms outspread.]

Oh, beautious mermaid! Allow this humble prince to partake in your company~!

[ Oh what is this now? Catching sight of the prince in the tower, Circe paused in anticipation. Awww, he didn't jump. Poo. But he's still heading towards the beach. She can work with this. ... a bit overzealous isn't he? ]

Then by all means, human, join me! The sea is warm and inviting! [ She mentally snickers- though for her words, she keeps her distance. It'd beat the purpose of luring someone to their death otherwise. ]

Even the most frigid of waters would be as pleasant as sitting in a hot spring, being next to your warm beauty!

[He runs straight towards the water, arms outstpread. His entry into the sea is a little less than graceful... Well, more like drunken stumbling, which turns into hopeless floundering, as he wades in deeper and deeper. Finally, he gets in too deep to be able to walk, and - with the help of an incoming wave - looses his footing and goes completely under. He surfaces after a second, spluttering, then adopts his goofy grin again and starts to swim towards her. He appars to be a very strong swimmer, actually.]

Wait for me, my angel of the deep~! ♥ I shall be with you soon!

... [ She just...smiles away. Although she's a little concerned - he almost went down with that wave, but he seems to be a really strong swimmer. WELL, let's see how strong a swimmer he can be - if worst comes to worst, she'll call on Sqwydd. ]

Oh I -- can hardly wait!

[ She teehee's, swimming a bit further back. He couldn't POSSIBLY swim past the currents right? Right? ]

[He started to struggle as he got further out, as he began fighting against the stronger currents. His clothes were of no help, either... made of fine silks, they didn't retain his heat well, and they were starting to slow and weigh him down as they grew waterlogged. None of this dampened his enthusiasm, though, and he still swum towards Circe.]

Ahh... my beautiful, graceful mermaid... [He gets a mouthful of salt water, and coughs for a moment, then continues on.] May I have the pleasure of having your name?

[ Wow, What a determined human! Circe almost felt bad about luring him out into the ocean. Almost. ]

Aren't you the charmer - my name is Circe, human.

[Even as being a good swimmer as he was, he was starting to tire. His clothes were starting to weigh him down, and he began treading water.]

Ahh... Miss Circe! Such a beautiful name! [He took in a gulp of sea water, and coughed, then chuckled roughly.] My name is Prince Sanji. I am most honored to meet you, my angel of the sea!

[He bobbed in the water, shoulders going fully under for a moment, before he was able to right himself.] Ahh... shan't we go back to the beach, my fair maiden? You can sit in the surf, and I can sit on the sand, and recite poetry to you?

Oh H-lls I thought my reply posted on this >:I

Of course it is. [ Everything mermaid is beautiful, silly. And of course you're honored to meet her. Who wouldn't be? /hairflip. ]

A prince? You are quite the swimmer, Prince Sanji.

[ OO, he almost went under! She should have set a timer, she's kind of curious how much longer he'll last. Also, giggling coyly. ]

But I much prefer the sea to the sand. Mermaids don't belong on land, you understand.

[ ooc: also gonna send Sqwydd a quick PM and see if he wants to come and bust Sanji before he drowns XD Sorry about the late! ]

Late reply is laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!

[It was starting to get very tiring, treading water like this. His clothes were now completely soaked, and were beginning to drag him down.] Ah... you have quite the discerning eye, my fair lady! I have lived by the water's edge all my life; it is like a second home to me.

Then ... I shall stay here, with the lady, where she rightly belongs. Mermaids are at their most glorious when swimming gracefully through the water! Like doves of the sea! ♥

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