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[ Circe is sitting on the bed at the water tower, her head in her heads because the storm she was just a part of? Embarrassing. And that's putting it only lightly. She sighs, turning her attention to the Nautilus Device. ]

[ Filtered to Sanji. ]

... About the way I acted - I'm sorry about all that.

[ Filtered to Dana and Orihime ]

... are you two okay?

[ Filtered to Sqwydd --- and Rex. ]

Hey I'm... going to head back for a little while. Back to Hong Kong I mean - to check up on Tuck and Cricket and see how they are. I'll be back soon.

[ It's going to be painful. ]

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[Still looking pale and shaken. She's also holding Ghost tight in her arms.]

I'm okay. Well- not okay, but I will be. I'm sure we didn't actually- so... It'll just be a matter of time.

I'm going to write a lot of letters. See if that helps.

[ Circe nods, a bit relieved. It was bad enough Nautilus saw fit to turn her into a mermaid -- okay that part wasn't so bad. And she didn't mind Orihime and Dana -- but playing with her mind, making her into the kind of mermaid that tried killing people? ... ]

I don't think we did, no. Letters are ...kind of impersonal aren't they?

[Sooo agreed. Having sisters was even fun! But the drowning part has turned her off mermaid fantasies forever.]

Thank goodness for small favors.

Speaking of small favors, Nautilus gifted me with some stationery. "For when you really need to apologize." I figured others might get a kick out of getting apology letters written on them. I'll be delivering them personally, and if things are too awkward, well- I can always just leave the letter.

Did they? Cute, Nautilus. At least... everyone else knows it was a reality storm. I didn't get stationary, but there was some kind of trinket in the room when I woke up. Guess it was from that boat... [ She grimaces slightly. Were those real people or people from the storm? Did it matter? ]

I'm trying to get a hold of people in person, myself. Before I leave, anyway.

It hasn't given me any souvenirs... that I know of. [She's looking cautious now. For once, Drift-logic might be right; this has to be a trap.]

That boat... we'll probably all have nightmares for a while to come. I just sat there and watched and only cared about the salvage... I can't even imagine how Sqwydd's feeling.

[Blink] You're leaving? Going home? When?

Yeah. [ She sighs. It was part of why she wanted to leave for a while - but it wouldn't make a difference. What happened would still be in her memory when she came back. ]

He's been pretty quiet, since... it's bad timing.

[ Meaning, her leaving for home. She wanted to be here for Sqwydd, but after the way she was acting around Rex, ... rrgh. ]

Yeah. Tonight, actually.

I wish there were something I could do for him, but- I don't really know him. But Rex will be here, and- nothing bad happened between them, right?

[Dana's not sure that going home will be a relief. Not after Six...]

Do you know anything about what's coming, at home?

I don't think so. Sqwydd and Rex are pretty close. I'd feel worse about going back if he wasn't here.

[ Y-yeah, well ... no sense in hiding from whatever is coming, right? ... Right? Circe frowns a bit at the question. ]

No, not really... I think Rex is from further on, but he lived in a different part of the world than I did. And Sqwydd isn't from much further than I am.

I mean- Rex wasn't on any of the boats, and he wasn't one of the people who attacked Sqwydd, right? If something like that happened, it'd take a while to get back to normal.

[Not reassured, but it is Circe's decision.]

Good luck, and I hope everything goes well. We'll all be waiting for you here, either way.

Y-yeah he... wasn't. [ Suddenly uneasy at the thought of her friend. Frickity. ]

I'm not sure if anyone we knew attacked Sqwydd. Even as a mermaid I ...kind of kept to myself most of the time.

[ A pause, and she smiles. ]

Thanks Dana. I'll let you know how things went when I come back.

[Dana knows that look. It's the "awkward things happened" look. Which has reminded her of her own oblivious encounter with never-her-boyfriend and just how bad it sounded in summary. Watch as her face reddens.]

It- was probably better that way. Less to sort out now, huh?

I'll miss you. Take care of yourself.

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Think nothing of it, Miss Circe! It was a storm; most of us weren't exactly... ourselves. [His reassuring smile then grows incredibly goofy, and he gets this wide, giddy grin on his face.] Why... I could think of a more glorious end, than in the arms of such a beautiful goddess of the sea... at the hands of a beautiful mermaid such as yourself~! ♥

[ Facepalming so hard, oh Sanji why XD ]

We weren't but that shouldn't excuse what happened. I'm glad it didn't happen anyway. Have you been all right since everything went back to normal?

Your concern is heart-warming, Miss Circe! ♥ My soul is elated to know that you are concerned about me! I assure you, I have been quite fine since the storm ended. Have you been alright yourself, Miss Circe?

... Well... that's good. I'm glad.

[ She doesn't want to think about whoever she may have successfully lured into the sea while she was a mermaid. She hopes no one. ]

Yeah, I've been all right, I guess. I'm... going to be heading back home for a while.

Do be careful on your trip back home, Miss Circe! ♥ I wish you a pleasant trip!

[Ahh, home... How were things going, back at his home? He was still a little nervous at being 'trapped in his own body', as it were, but he was concerned about his nakama, and wanted to know that they were okay. One day, soon, perhaps...]

I'm okay! This storm was actually kind of fun for a change.

[And those red spots in her cheeks prooooobably won't be going away for a while.]

Besides...I did kind of like having a sister. And you were a really good one, Circe-san!

Fun. [ You weren't the one trying to get people to kill themselves -- oh, well, okay she had to admit it /was/ kinda fun. The other part anyway. ]

I guess. [ She smiles slightly at the latter half. ] Never thought of myself as a good sister, but... thanks Orihime. I admit it was kinda fun having you and Dana as sisters.

[Orihime got her hair brushed, that was a big highlight!]

Yes, I loved it! Maybe all three of us can get together and do something now that we're all in our right minds again, ne?

[ Oh Orihime, why are you so adorable. ]

Heh, Sure, I'd like that. But I'm heading back home - on my world, I mean - right now, so it'll have to wait.

'Right now' right now? Oh, sorry, I won't hold you up! I'll ask you what your world is like after you get back. Have a good trip!

Yeah, no time like the present.

Thanks. I'll see you when I get back.

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