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38% [Accidental Video]
seriously explaining
doc_holi wrote in thewake_rp
[Oh. Hey. The storm's over!... Yay!.... Yay?]

Go home, Pato.

[The puppy whines, sitting on the dock, back in his normal body again. Somebody, on the other hand, is still in the water. From the looks of it, she also still seems to have a tail. Why, you may ask, is the doctor still being affected while the rest of the city isn't? Well, she had been planning a trip home and this seems to be the best way to keep her in the city, for the time being, anyway.]

[Besides, it seems that some people managed to miss out on her awkwardness, so now's their chance, as it were.]

[The puppy just keeps his furry butt firmly planted on the dock.]

Go home, Pato.


[She sighs. This is annoying enough to begin with!... At least she has company, though...]

((ooc: She's just going to last a few more hours, until midnight rolls around. That's right. A whole extra day of mer!Holiday. No, she's not happy about it, but what can you do? pfff-))

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You're still a sortafish.

[The 'why' is implied.]

.... Yeah.

[WHY are you asking HER?]

Holiday? Pato! Why?

[Slag it, Nautilus. It's bad enough that Holiday's still a mermaid, but taking away her puppy? Un. Schway.]

Do you want tme to take care of him?

I think Drift is going to handle him until I'm back. Or Six. Someone. The offer's appreciated, though.

What about you? Everything alright?

[Diana the black lab notreallyapuppyanymore!puppy is running around! She makes it to the dock where Pato is and runs over to join!

HI! HihihihihihihellohihiI'mboredhi.]



[Holiday blinks at the new dog. Where did you come from?]

Hey, doggie... Where'd you come from?

[She holds her hand out to Diana... Yes, she's still a sortafish, but she still wants to pet the doggie.]

Er. Need some help there?

It's appreciated, but I think I'm good... Unless I stay like this for a few more days.

That and I already have volunteers for taking care of Pato.

Are you alright after this storm?

[This is guaranteed not to go well. Six is back in his normal body, and he's flying in on his hover board to see you.]

[He lands on the dock next to the puppy, stepping off the board with so much amusement on his face. He kneels down to give the dog a scratch.]

Your favorite person's still in the water, huh?

[Oh... Yay... Just the guy she didn't did didn't want to see. Brb, hugging the dock now. Hope you have a nice view of JUST HER EYES for right now.]

Glad to see you aren't a horse anymore. Everything go alright?

[Guess who isn't a wolf anymore, but can still remember oh so clearly what happened when she was one?

Still, she can't remember how much the doctor saw. She's worried that she saw when she briefly regained her real body, but she'll avoid bringing it up. If Dr. Holiday doesn't bring it up, then, she might be safe. Maybe she'll think it was just part of the other transformation.]

... hello, again.

Haven't gotten your real body back yet, I see.

[Doesn't bring it up? THIS IS HOLIDAY.]

ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? I'm so sorry! I didn't know how to get help to you! And- And- Are you okay!?

[Video] I think this is our first not!son - not!mom interaction!

[Ben looks a little sleep deprived and more than a little groggy. Being Rath for a whole week and wrestling a unicorn can do that to a guy.]

Doctor Holiday? You have a tail.

[Master of the obvious.]

[Video] I think it is!!



Been there during the storm. Nautilus thought I'd like to keep it for a little while longer.

[Sanji is spinning and babbling nearly incoherently, for a moment, thrilled beyond thrilled to see a real life mermaid (and not be influenced by the reality storm while doing so). Finally, he manages to compose himself. Mostly.]

Ah~! Beautiful Miss Doctor Holiday! What a stunning mermaid you make! An angel of the sea! If there is anything you need... any help at all! If you need me to bring you meals, while you're in that form, please do not hesitate to ask! I will be at your beck and call!

[Oh. God. You're worse than Six.]

Um. No. I'm- I'm alright. Really. Everything's fine. Really. I'm just fine. Thank you for being concerned, though.

[Well, he's a little better than Six, in a way. When Six teases, he gets that eyebrow going and everything. At least, Sanji offered to feed her... Good lord, Holiday. Just stop thinking.]

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