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Unmasked: I'M BORED
fastaskenyans wrote in thewake_rp
[Wally is curled up under a pile of blankets on a couch, looking decidedly miserable. Judging by the flushed face, chills, and sheen of sweat? Our resident speedster is sick. Yeah, someone spent a long night out in the cold, and it's finally caught up with him. THANKS DANA AND BLURR]

Anyone know any good recipes for soup?


Nnnng, soup would be nice.

[Also, judging by how... not entirely there he sounds? He's got a fever.]

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[action whether you like it or not]

I do.

[Siiiiiiick. Still curled up under those blankets and not feeling any warmer.]

Oh good. Cause I can't remember mine right now.

[He pulls the blanket around him and makes to get up.

....and doesn't.]

Or maybe I'll just skip the soup.

[Oh nooooo and Dana knows exactly who's to blame for Wally's cold. Unfortunately, she can't even pick up her phone without going all red. So have a text, since she can't trust her voice, either.]

I'm really sorry.

[Yeah, he's not really coherent enough to text. Nor to be embarrassed]

S'okay. Not y'r fault.

I could make you some soup, if you would like.


[He oooopens his mouth to protest. Aaaaaand then realizes that, no, he really is hungry now. Damn super metabolism.

But he doesn't want to bother her to make it. So he'll just open and close his mouth a few times instead. Yes, Wally, that is beautiful conversation.]

I'll take that as a yes.

[Sanji's ears perk, and he's immediately at attention. Someone wanting... no, needing food? He frowned at how bad the kid looked. There was no way he could ignore THIS.]

Oi, kid... Forget the recipe, I'll make you some soup. What sort of soup did you want? French onion? Chicken noodle? Tomato? Cream of mushroom...? Where are you? If you have a kitchen, I can cook it for you right there.

[Whoa, so many questions! Even with the ability to think at superspeed, it takes sick!Wally a few seconds to process them all.]

Fibonacci museum? Anything's fine... but you really don't have to. [Sniff] I can deal.

Oh, boy... [That doesn't look or sound like soup-making condition to Haibara, Wally.]

Where are you? I can come and make you some soup. You look like you need to rest.

On my couch.

[He sounds amused by this, as if it is a great thought. (See Sanji thread) He's on his couch. Haha. Not in his couch.

Wait did he really just answer with that?]

...Sorry. I'm at the museum, [sniff] but it's okay, [sniff] I think Sanji 'n Alice 're makin some.

[ooc: Not to say that you aren't welcome if you'd like to join the log! :D V will just have to threadjack and give her directions first.]

I know a great recipe for soup that obliterates cold symptoms, especially if you have a sore throat!


I can make a fresh batch and bring it right over, if you like. Where do you live?


...Sore throat?


Sure, why not? [Nothing could possibly make him feel worse right now. Right? RIGHT?]

Wally? Oh, you look ill. Really sick, actually....

[Caesar's looking concerned.]

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I'm fiiiiine.

[Ngggg. Thank god the city's giving him a break and not chucking him in the Nile.]

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