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[human] like being on a lilypad
singing_frog wrote in thewake_rp
[Below the bridge spanning between Helix and Nautilus, largely forgotten by most, lies a crumbling landscape that resembles Cybertron. At one time, it had been a sign of Megatron's self-proclaimed dominion over the West. But disuse and the Dark Aeon's attack caused the empty landscape to fall into ruin. Now, it looks worse than ever.

[At first, it had been a mere fissure, noticeable only to those who looked for it. Now, a massive crack in the earth has cut through the ruined landscape, marking a long line directly between Nautilus and Helix. Just beside it is Hekket, floating a few feet from the ground, staring down into the crack with a frown.

[The Deva disappears, then reappears on the bridge connecting the two cities. He kneels down and brushes his fingers along the well-used path. The feed focuses in, showing a very distinct crack in the bridge ... directly above the fissure in the earth below.

[Another cut of the feed: Hekket's entering the Western District. As soon as he steps into Nautilus, the ground beneath him ripples, and the area surrounding him (and consequently the Gate) begins to change. It's sudden and unmistakable, as the vaguely Cybertronian buildings begin shifting into rather quaint wooden ones. The Deva's frown appears once again, and he raises a hand to halt the shift.]

That's quite the 'I missed ya', Nautilus. Golly....

[He pushes a foot on the ground in front of him, as though testing the thickness of ice. Again, it ripples beneath him; he's quick to retract his foot.]

... Since ya already decided to start watchin', I'm guessin' there's no point in sugar-coatin' this.

[He looks up. Although there's no physical camera recording him – Nautilus hardly needs cameras to watch someone, after all – he still manages to look straight at whoever may be watching. (At least, it seems that way; the sunglasses make it a little hard to tell.)]

Most times, I try to keep my nose outta your business. Awful rude ta be stickin' it in all the time, dontchaknow? But this time, I've gotta say somethin'.

Your city's in real trouble here. It's sinkin' closer and closer to Chaos. Leave it like this too long, and you'll drop right on into a place that none of y'all are ready for.

Now, I've grown pretty fond of you lot. And this is a heck of a nice place to park Helix. If y'all can cooperate, I'd like to help you save your city.

It's a pretty simple solution, really! All ya gotta do is raise Nautilus up.

[Yes, he's totally speaking as though lifting a city is no big deal.]

[Drift wishes he could say he was fond of you, Hekket. Still, you're better than the flower-one, and he's seen Megatron fight with the Autobots against the Dead Universe, so....stranger things have happened.]

How do we stop it. Stop Bending? [He KNEW there was something wrong during that reality storm. Paranoia ft...w?]

Now why would ya do somethin' silly like that? Nautilus isn't that snatchin' city, dontchaknow.

No sir, all ya gotta do is lift Nautilus up.

[Which he says like it's no big thing. Just raising a city. Daily deal.]

Wait- again? I thought that we'd repaired that problem. The chains-

Did ya bother lookin' at 'em after that sticky-fingered Aeon tried to suck this place dry?

I sure as heck could use it! It's a pretty simple job, but golly, it's a whole lotta work.

I'll help. I don't know what I can do, but I help however I can.

As long as you're willin', you can do plenty!

[Well that's...unsettling!]

Does it require a lot of Bending knowledge?

[Chie WANTS to help, but uh...]

Just haul the city right on up away from it!

[So simple, right? Totally.]

[Well he sees the response as to 'how,' so...]

Why is it falling?

Golly, is that really somethin' to be botherin' with right now? There's no time to try fixin' all the factors before the big splash.

Enough of us ought to be able to cooperate, even if 'all of us' is a little unlikely.

[The other conversations skimmed and that said, V sounds more serious as he continues on to question.]

What will we need?

A whole lotta hands on deck, and some reeeeal special tools. It'll take me a bit of time to create those. Gotta make 'em right, dontchaknow?

Sinking...? What? What does that mean? Sinking, like, a sinking feeling?

Sinking like a stone, dontchaknow?

...You are?

[He doesn't know Hekket nor does he know if his word can be trusted.]

[Chaos...? Now that didn't sound good. Not one bit. At all. Sanji frowned, chewing anxiously on the end of his cigarette.]

Oy. Much appreciated. What can we do to stop this, then? [If it involved Bending, he was still rather new, and not that strong. Damn him for getting caught up in those reality storms, and before, whe he should have been training! Still, if there was anything else he could do. He could cook for the city, at least. Hey... with a certain, bottomless captain he knew how to cook for an army. People had to stay fed, to stay healthy, and stay strong.]

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Just help me raise it up, dontchaknow!

Save the city?

What is it we need to do?

Haul it up, up, and away, of course!

(Deleted comment)
Well it's sure as heck not passively sinkin'!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
If it is shear numbers you need, I'll be there.
If it is Bending expertise, I fear I'm still far from that.

Golly, I think we're both in luck! Numbers is exactly the thing I need!


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