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{Recipe 003} Home, Crumbling Home? [Accidental Video - backdated to the morning of the 23rd!]
smoking is cool...
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[The video clicks on to show what - to some - might be a slightly familiar, short tower, on the edge of the sea. But where before, during the storm, it had been clean and in perfect condition, and lavishly yet tastefully decorated... now it was an old, abandoned husk... stones and bricks crumbling, cobwebs in every corner, some of the sides even falling down in places. The dock that had jutted out into the sea was now completely gone, only two rotten poles, and a few broken planks near the base of the tower remained.]

[The camera moves closer, through the empty, hollow interior until it comes out on the roof of the lower, wider level of the tower. The parapets were cracked and crumbling too... completely missing in some spots. Leaning against one remaining, solid section of wall was Sanji, arms crossed on the railing in front of him. Smoke from his cigarette trailed lazily into the sky, one hand propping up his chin, the other holding onto a wallet. It was open to a photo, though the details weren't clear from this angle. His gaze was locked on this photo, the corners of his mouth pulled down into a small frown, brow furrowwed in deep thought. Finally, he seemed to become aware of the camera, and snapped the wallet shut, stuffing it into his pocket.]

[Turning around, he took a deep pull of his cigarette, then removed it from his mouth, blowing out a slow stream of smoke. He placed his other hand on his hip and addressed the camera directly.]

Oy. Seems Nautilus wanted to give me a little reminder of my brief time as 'royalty'. Now that the 'illusion' is gone, and all. Well, fine. You know what? I'm going to keep it. This place...? It's mine, now. This'll be my home. I'm going to fix it up... and make it the best damned restaurant this shitty city has ever seen!

[He paused, then replaced the cigarette in his mouth, taking a few puffs, folding his arms. Even if he was a stronger Bender - which he wasn't - it would take a long time, and a lot of work to get this place fixed up properly. But, hey... this was a blank slate. He could make this place exactly the way he wanted it. His dream restaurant.] It'll take some time to get this dump respectable, though. I'll give the city a heads-up once I'm done. Then, I'll be open for business. If ever you're in need of food, you can come here. I won't let anyone in this city go hungry.

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Hey, not bad! Is that over here in the Eastern District?

Ah! Yes, Chie-chan! It's at the edge of the sea. I was looking for a place like this, but I couldn't find anything. I guess I have to thank the city for this, at least... however a shitty state it's in.

[You know what this means: take-out, probably nearly every night! No more long commutes to Furman's or dinners of instant noodles!]

Well, I'm not much for Bending, but if you need a hand fixing it up, I'll pitch in!

Sounds like a good idea! Need any help?
[Even though he's pretty sure he's coming down with something, he's pretty good at cooking and bending! Win win?]

[ooc: OK if I tag this? We can assume they kinda know eachother for the soup stuff? :> I can delete otherwise~]

[ooc: You can tag! :3 Sanji was making the post before the soup thing, so... either Wally's replying after that, or maybe they'd at least seen each other on the network before?]

... Have any experience in construction, kid?

Helped build a school before? And a carnival. And that memorial. I'm not too shabby at it.

[Sanji nodded faintly, tapping his cheek in thought.] Yeah. That'd be good, then. I need the basic support and all of this shithole fixed, first, before I go in and start adding personal touches, and all... What are you asking for in terms of payment, then?

I look forward to becoming a regular customer, Sanji-san.

I look forward to having you as a customer, Miss Israfel~! ♥

I'll offer my aid, if you're interested in it.

[Sanji thinks about this, then nods faintly to himself.]

Help would definitely be appreciated. Do you have any skill in building and construction? I need to make this place, well... [Here he paused to grin wryly at the saying.] "ship shape" before I can worry about adjusting this place to look the way I want it.

Oh, yes. I've substantial experience building and altering buildings through Bending, having had to mend my museum among other things.

When should I be by?

Oh wow...! You get to work on your Bending and make a Super Restaurant at the same time! Congratulations, Sanji-san!

[He grins at Orihime's enthusiasm.] Why thank you, Orihime-chan! That's certainly a very positive way of looking at things!

It was sort of the same way with my bakery, though that was a lot smaller, so it was probably easier too.

Do you want any help?

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