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sonic_blasts wrote in thewake_rp
[ The Gate in the Eastern District is getting some activity today. Activity in the form of a new arrival, that is - Circe fairly stumbles through, losing her footing and sprawling on the ground for a few seconds. The angle of the feed is off a bit, but she slowly pushes herself up, her head bowed. Give her a minute. ]

... ...

[ Okay, taking stock. Circe is awfully quiet for a return, isn't she? She doesn't get up right away, but abruptly she takes her device and punches out a message -- in text. Not even bothering to filter. ]

Sqwydd? Please tell me you're still here. Please!

[ Hell she'll even take confirmation from others that he hadn't gone through the Gate, or ...gone to Sleep. ]

... [ She hits her fist against the ground briefly, and then throws the Nautilus device down, reaching up and clawing at her head. It's now visible from the device that the reason Circe isn't saying anything? She's muzzled. Like something straight out of Silence of the Lambs, but however it's latched on tight, she can't remove it herself. She eventually stops with a frustrated gesture to the air, and grabs the device again, glaring daggers at it as if it personally were responsible for her plight. And then, grudgingly... ]

I need help.

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[Action] Hope this is okay!

[Nothing more needs to be said. Or typed. The moment she sees that Circe can't get the thing off, Orihime teleports. She kneels down next to her adopt-a-sister and puts a hand on her shoulder, offering a tentative smile. She already seems pretty spooked, so Orihime doesn't want to shake her up by just suddenly appearing with a knife in her hand.]

[ It's startling enough that Orihime is suddenly just -there-. She's grateful, no doubt about it, but she's more worried about Sqwydd. She didn't know what happened to him back home. She hadn't seen him in any of the cells, but that didn't mean he wasn't caught. She hoped he and the others hadn't been. ]

MISS CIRCE!! What the hell...?! Hold on! I'll be over to help you immediately! Who the fuck DID that to you!

[And he's off and running for the Eastern Gate]

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People back home.

[ That's all she's going to say on the matter right now, since Sanji was already rushing to get to the Eastern Gate. She'll be restlessly waiting, watching for word from her fellow evo(s) too. ]

[That's certainly alarming. Still, Haibara doesn't know the girl, so she doesn't know if she trusts her enough to come help her; perhaps there's a good reason for her predicament. But, still, a muzzle...?]

Who did this to you?

[ She doesn't know this girl, but she's not going to be rude enough to ignore a question. ]

People back home.

[ Worse than monsters - worse than the evos they hunt. The anger in her eyes flickers only for a second. ]

Do you know Sqwydd?

[Dana's sitting out on the cliff near the Welcome House, with a good view of the Eastern Gate, when Circe stumbles through. Something looks very wrong, but Dana can't tell what until she checks the network- and sees the muzzle.]

Circe! Hang on, I'm coming!

[That's shouted as she's running towards the Gate; Dana's so upset she's not even bothering with a video or text reply.]

[ When she hears Dana calling out to her, she initially thinks it's from the device in her hand - but no, out of the corner of her eye she can see Dana hurrying towards her. Obviously she can't say anything, so she pushes herself to her feet to await Dana's arrival. ]

[ Danny doesn't know Circe but he's concerned nonetheless ]

Who -- how did -- I...I can... do you need help? I can phase that thing off of you!

[ She appreciates the concern all the same. ]

It's all right. Someone is taking care of that.

[ Pause. ]

Do you know anyone by the name of Sqwydd... or Rex Salazar?

[ Or Caesar, who Circe wants to deck? }

[Having been in the midst of training when the video hit the network and the text and video came through to his phone, he didn't receive it immediately. Yet the moment he reads it, he replies as fast as his thumb can move.]

Where are you?

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[ Even though she was told Sqwydd hadn't gone back, Circe was still worried; when she sees the response from Sqwydd, she sighs in relief. ]

The Welcome House.

Oh... dear. That's certainly unusual...

Has someone already come to assist you?

[Best to ask yes or no questions.]

[ Her response comes after her pseudo-seesters have already helped, happily. ]

Yeah... Yeah I've been helped. Orihime and Dana helped.

[Caesar doesn't see this until hours later, having been working on one thing or another. When he does see the message, he's left in a state of shock. However, he doesn't reply immediately, instead going through the replies to make sure she's been helped.

She has.

Circe is Rex's friend, and Caesar doesn't know her all that well, but concern is still there when he finally replies.

Circe? Are you all right?

[He's completely unaware of how much of a hand he's had in what happened to her. For now.]

[ She should have expected a response from one of the brothers. But that it was Caesar makes it that much worse. She'd considered him a friend. So knowing he had a hand in ... that mess. ...even a slight hand - the anger is present in her expression, eyes narrowing. She won't even say anything, but cuts the feed, refusing to even respond. ANGREY. ]

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