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[Accidental video] - Backdated to Monday night
in a spot of trouble, not a great time
quality_friend wrote in thewake_rp
[The camera is focused on Dana, who is tossing and turning, obviously troubled by one of those nightmares everyone's been having. Suddenly her eyes open, and she sits upright.

[After a long moment of just staring at nothing in particular, she screams, which turns into crying. She then jumps out of the bed, still sobbing, and runs off-screen. When she appears again, she's dressed in everyday clothes that are obviously thrown on hastily, and she's running around the room, throwing things into bags.]

((OOC: Takes place right after this nighmare. People planning to tag into that dream, please talk to me before commenting here!))

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[ She's been staying off the network more and more lately, but when she saw this reaction, she couldn't ignore it. ]

... Dana?

[The feed is still video, but Dana's not in view.]

Circe? I- I'm sorry. At- least I can say good-bye.

... good bye? What are you --going back home for a while?

[Here Dana, have a worried looking fox knocking on the door to your room]

Dana? Dana? Are you alright in there?

[Marian doesn't want to just barge in... but if she doesn't get an answer quickly, she will anyways... Manners be dammed. If Dana is having a nightmare, Marian is going to be sure she isn't going through it alone.]

[Jump at the knock. She was hoping to leave without anyone noticing, but between the scream and the apparent network post, that's not happening.]

Marian? I- I'll be fine, soon. Don't worry about me.

[As weird as he may be sometimes, Caesar is still an older brother. He can't ignore crying.]

Dana? What happened?

[Like with Circe, reply's still in video format, but Dana's nowhere in sight.]

I- realized something. [But not saying what. If she says she's leaving, he'll try to stop her.]

[Dib's already promised himself he wouldn't talk to Dana, but damn it, this is too dumb for words. So apparently hysterics are worth it for him to break his silence]

...What, are you seriously going to try running from the nightmare?

[She doesn't recognize the voice, just answers automatically.]

No. Making sure it never happens for real.

By...running away. Despite there being a big difference between nightmares and reality.

And people call ME crazy..

[Sanji looks very worried - and confused - at Dana's actions.] Miss Dana... are you alright? What's wrong?

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[Still video, but Dana's speaking from off-screen.]

I- I had a bad nightmare, but I'll be fine. Just need- a little time, that's all.

[Those damned nightmares...! Still plaguing the city, apparantly. And now, poor Miss Dana had suffered through one! A very upsetting one, going by her reaction. What could he do to help? Well, he could offer her his company. Comforting food. His strong arms around her, and a soothing backrub, perhaps?]

Do you want me to come by and make some tea and biscuits? Perhaps a glass of warm milk, or a hot toddy? Something to soothe you after your terrible nightmare...

[Voice//Locked] OHAI! Am I too late to this party?

Dana! Wait! What's going on? What're you doing?

Holiday... I'm going home. For- [choke. She can't say it.]

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