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flamescout wrote in thewake_rp
[Raye appears next to one of the enormous chains, wielding one of the oddly-designed chain winders that Hekket gave her.]

I think it's obvious we wound the chains too far. Bending is next to impossible to use right now, and with that thing looming over our heads, I'd like to actually be able to fight back. Neriae can't stay up there forever, even if she is a Deva.

I know the work is draining, and it's likely to exhaust us to the point where we need to sleep and deal with those rotten nightmares. But we've gotta do this.

Antovil, Kerrigan, Neriae -- if you guys are here, let us know when we should stop. We don't want to run the risk of destabilizing the city. If what Hekket said was even true.

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[Danny can't remember if he's seen this girl before or not, but nods in agreement.]

You're talking about winding the chains in reverse, right? Can we even use those things in reverse?

I think so. I'm pretty sure the links don't lock in place, otherwise we wouldn't have started sinking to begin with.

[Luna's going with you, Raye. Just so you know.]

I think we should contact those who haven't used much Bending in the first place to get the chains started. They might have just enough stored up Bending energy to be of assistance. We could even try it with me since I've been holding off on using Bending except for emergencies.

[It makes her life a little more annoying since she can't open doors by herself, but she's used to it.]

I'm not sure willpower is something that can be stored. Right now, the more people we have to work on it, the better. Our Bending should come back once the city is closer to Chaos again.

[She is fine with having a kitty come along.]

If you're planning what I think you are, then everyone should wind all over the city at the same time.

[Too few people could make it unstable...]

A bunch of us, maybe, but everyone? What happens if that thing attacks while we're all too tired to fight back?

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I'll be happy to help. Just point me in the right direction, and I'll be there.

[It's good to hear that someone else has come to the same conclusion...]

Glad to hear it. I'll assign you a shift and a station.

Just tell me where to go. And what to do.

Sure thing, Teresa. I'll send you your location and shift hours.

Cool, I appreciate it. Can you tackle the afternoon shift in the east?

Me as well. I helped raise them, and I agree that we ought to try the opposite.

[Raye's pretty sure they haven't met, but she appreciates the offer, and nods in agreement.]

Thanks. I'll send you a shift and location.

Someone told me we couldn't get them unwound, but if we can? Heck yeah, let's do this thing! If we're coming under fire, I want my builds back and stable!

What? Who said that?

[If he says Hekket, then Raye's going to get REALLY suspicious. Still, she's glad Rex will be there, and that makes her smile a little despite the situation.]

You're an Angelii, so I definitely want you to get your Bending back. We're going to be counting on you and everyone else who Ascended.

You will have my aid. This old bot's still got plenty of strength to spare and I don't need recharge as often or as long as you organics require sleep.

That will definitely come in handy. Can you take the west shift in the morning, then? I'm not sure how many of those guys out there will bother pitching in.

Just tell me where you need me. The more people we have working on this the easier it will be on everyone and the faster it can be done.

You're Cybertronian too, right? I'll probably assign you to the chain opposite of the one Ratchet's working on, just to balance things out. Thanks.

I volunteer my services, my lady... to defend any of the beautiful women working on unwinding these chains... should things come to that. Though ladies should not have to work themselves to exhaustion in the first place! What does this task require, working on these chains?


[She's flattered, she just won't admit it.]

You have to put the clamp on the other side, and work the lever in reverse. You still have that thing Hekket gave you?

I'm willing to help with this. How can I help?


[Raye hesitates for a second. That's a tiger man. --Okay, she's over it.]

I'll send you to a location during a set time. Contact me if you need a shorter or longer shift.

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