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Mission Log 35 [Video] Someone's Been Busy...
Leaning against a wall
sixthdeadliest wrote in thewake_rp
[People, you have no idea how much of a heaping helping of "I told you so" he's holding back right now. He didn't trust Hekket, and now his mistrust is justified.]

I've been delivering emergency supplies for both organics and inorganics to various locations around Nautilus in case things go from bad to worse. I'm sending along the locations with this message.

[Those would be defensible places like Welcome Houses, the Medbay, and the Cybertronian buildings to the South.]

Each of the Welcome Houses should now have about two weeks' worth of resources for about twenty people; the Medbay and Cybertronian buildings, supplies for around fifty for a month. This is assuming people ration. Eastern Welcome House, all I did was add to what you'd already collected since you'd already prepared yourselves rather well.

Everyone, look these supplies over. If anything important has been missed, notify others so that they can adjust their supplies accordingly but don't wait to retrieve it yourself.

Also, if anyone planning to unwind the chains needs a guard, contact me. I'll do what I can to watch your back and relieve you when you need a break.

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I'm in the South.

[You know why. Cybertronian buildings. He's not leaving them. ]

[The answer's short because....he trusted Hekket. He feels like a fool. ]

[Well, Six doesn't know that.]

Keep them as a safe zone? [He's going to trust you to do this, Drift. It's not easy for him, either.]


...the least I can do.

[Sanji pops up on-screen, looking a little haggard. He still hasn't been sleeping well with all of the nightmares plaguing him. At least by trying to stay busy and awake, he's made a lot of food.]

For anyone in the South, I have the Southern Welcome House well-stocked with food, too. It can last for weeks... even a month if we carefully stretch things out. There are soups and stews in the freezer that can be thawed and re-heated. There are some frozen meats in there as well; they're well-wrapped and can last longer. There's also some foods in the fridge and pantry here. If anyone is needing food, come talk to me and I'll ration it out. If I find any of you guys raiding the stocks you'll answer to my foot. The ladies are always welcome, of course.

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[Six approves, Sanji. Six approves.]

Excellent. Thank you for the update.

[Not that Sanji cares about Six's approval, one way or the other... but he's a cook of the sea, and it's his duty to make sure everyone has food to eat. More than that, it's practially part of his very being - who he is - to make sure that no one goes hungry.]

[Six receives just a sharp nod in return, then cuts the feed.]

Cool. Thanks, Six. I think the Western District's Welcome House is the worst off, since Rion went back to Sleep. I'll go check up on it too.

[He nods his head.] Thank you.

[Helping others is a thing here? Katniss is obviously uncertain about this, but well... pooling resources is a good idea.]

I've been doing my own gathering in the South. Mostly greens, nothing really long term other than the roots I've been finding. I could always hunt, I've seen plenty of animals in the woods, and if we prep it all right, the meat will keep for a while.

I can... keep an eye out for herbs too. I might not be a healer, but I know some herbs good for simple things like fevers, bleeding and headaches. Stretch the more serious medical supplies that way.

Anything useful helps. [Nod of gratitude.]

I'll get on it then. Though while I have you on the line, d'you know where in town I can get my hands on a good bow? I've got knives, but if something goes down I'd rather be better armed, and something tells me I don't have the time to make one on my own.

[Six just seems like the type who'd know that stuff. Go figure.]

What about weapons?

Because I didn't bring anything with me.

Haven't gotten around to supplying those. There are several places you can get them from though. Find something you're comfortable with and get training with it. Otherwise, practice moving out of the way of combatants.

Where would I go if I was looking for...I don't know, a stun gun, or something? Or maybe just parts, I could probably make something...

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