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[Video - CC'd for the Hearing Impaired]
makeit_cute wrote in thewake_rp
[Kergan appears on screen, looking weary and glum, fighting the urge to yawn and/or cry.]

Hey, guys. There's no easy way to say this, so, um...if things go badly, with this aeon jerkface? Evacuate to Kalliste. New people might want to go there anyway if they're not ready to fight this thing. The door is the gate in the northern district, just look for the dial on the side and turn it so the arrow points to 'Kalliste', then march on through.

I've been lending Neriae my willpower to help her keep the shield in place, but she can't do that forever. Eventually we'll need to fight or flee, so whichever you think is best, that's what you should do. I don't want anyone looking down on those who choose to evacuate, okay?

But for me...

[Kergan smiles wryly.]

Well, Nautilus is home, so I'm gonna fight. I'm also gonna go give Ner some granola bars or a cheeseburger. ...Good luck, guys. Here's hoping we see each other again, one way or another!

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Well, I'm definitely not going anywhere. This has been my home for almost two years now. Plus I take being an Angelii to mean that it's kind of my sworn duty to protect this place and maintain Balance, so... I'm in for the long haul.

I'm happy to hear it!

[She looks like she means it, too.]

And it'll be an honor to fight alongside you. I hear you've been pretty busy helping to take care of the place.

I wish I could fight,
but I know I would only be in the way.

[Israfel has enough experience not to show her own disappointment, but to simply be solemn and grateful.]

Thank you for the offer of sanctuary. I will take you up on it. Is there anything I should know about Kalliste before I go?

Well, there's still a lot of broken glass, so don't go barefoot. Beyond that city, though, the rest of the planet is pretty nice.

I'm not evacuating, but it's good to know for those that should. Can multiple people go through the gate at once? Since people usually arrive or leave separately through them, I'd prefer not to assume.

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Yeah, they can. It's perfectly fine! And thanks for pitching in.

I'm staying here. I'm fighting.

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You're a brave kid. Good for you!

For those of us who had the misfortune of arriving recently, is there any sort of plan in place to fight this incoming abomination? Or is this going to turn into a heroes rally of blindly charging in and hoping for the best?

[Six has nothing to add since Razer already covered it.]

Why should we trust you this time?

[Oh, that Hekket thing still rankled.]

I really don't have the time and energy to argue or go through trials of proof, so do what you like.

I'll help with the evacuation, but- I'll stay here as long as I can, to help with the chain unwinding.

I appreciate that, Dana.

What is this "Kalliste"? Can you guarantee our safety should we evacuate to there?

Not really, but I can guarantee that it will be a lot safer than fighting a being that wants to wipe everyone out just by willing it.

I may be new to Nautilus, but I'm going to stay and fight.

I'll be of more use here anyway. [ Well that reminds to be seen. ]

Your courage is commendable! Thanks for lending a hand~

[Text. Thanks for the CCs. XD]

I don't fully understand this situation, but I do understand that this city's in danger. And I just don't feel comfortable about running away while other people are willingly putting themselves in danger.

If the worst comes to pass....I'm staying.

[Text - She paid attention! ...this time]

That's very noble of you. Thanks a million!

I'm not much a fighter, but I'm certainly not about to leave. Even if we don't manage to get our powers back, some will be needed to... care for the wounded while others fight.

You've got a good heart, Lily.

[She also likes your name, so she's biased.]

We'll figure something out. Thanks for your help!

don't mind me spamming along

I'm not going anywhere. But I can help people move out in the meantime, if anyone needs it.

[He almost feels like he has to make up for missing the Aeon the first time.]

Your quick feet will be a huge help. Thanks, Wally.

SO SO -LAAAATE-! @__x;;

[Sanji frowns deeply as he listens to the post before speaking up.]

It's not in my nature to run away. I don't like the idea of leaving any of you ladies here defenceless. However, I'm not stupid. I know that... 'technical retreats' are sometimes neccessary.

I can still fight, physically, if needed. With Bending being weak, it's zapped away some of what I've built back up, but... I can still hold my own in a fight, I'm sure. .o(I hope.)

... Will everyone be safe in this "Kalliste" place? Do you think the fighting might spill over to there?

They should be safe there for a while. The aeon can't follow people there anyway. And whatever you choose, you don't need to feel ashamed, okay?

I shall strive to spot you through the smoke and in the aftermath.

[Even if they've seldom spoke, V's impression of the Deva of Flowers is favourable; he'll tip his hat to her.]

[And she approves of your garden, V.]

Just promise me you'll be here for the aftermath. No blowing yourself up!

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