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[Action / One-Shot]
aeon_nightmare wrote in thewake_rp
The dark blot looming over Nautilus seemed to shrink as the city fell further and further from the broken chains. It was as if it was reluctant to pursue, or perhaps was unable. But those who had dealt with the aeon before knew better. They should know that it was mobile, and that the hostility it harbored was too great to be abandoned at the first sight of flight from Nautilus.

It wasn't going to let its prey escape. But it didn't mind letting them harbor a little bit of false hope.

After a few days, it decided to crush that hope and lurched forward with a deafening groan that sounded like something heavy and rusted being dragged along a bed of rocks. Then it seemed to grow.

Seven long appendages snapped out from the hovering city's bloated shape, whipping through the air and plunging straight for Nautilus. Each tentacle, about as thick as a football field, speared directly into the city to anchor it in place. Once stuck, they snapped taut, lumps undulating upward as though it were gulping up the energy of the city itself.

The serrated black appendages then began to split along the sides, and where they split, black ichor burbled to the surface and dribbled to the ground in thick gobs. The stench was nauseating, of dead and rotten things laced with wet fecal matter. And then the piles of filth began to move.

Little by little they rose up, towering tall until they took on solid form. Their bodies were lumpy and constantly shifting along lines of unyielding steel, eyes glowing violet from their dripping faces. A maw split open between strings of sticky blackness as they began to moan, one by one.

Then they separated, dragging their heavy bodies away from the tendrils, seeking out fresh life to tear and devour. They moved sluggishly, at least at first, but once they fed, their power and speed would both be quickened. Besides, they were in no apparent rush. Everything in the city would die sooner or later, and the aeon took great pleasure in prolonging the inevitable.

(OOC: Just a quick note, you're in charge of the battles with these things if you want an encounter, I couldn't possibly NPC them all for everyone! But feel free to ping me if you have any questions!)

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[Action] (somewhere in the South)

[Sanji looked up as those tendrils shot down from the... thing up in the sky, lips pulled back in a snarl as they made contact with the city.] Oh HELL no... You're not dragging us back up there, you shitty aeon...

[He took off at a run for the nearest tentacle, intending to throw every kick he knew at it, to either dislodge or dismember it. Or at LEAST hurt it enough to make it let go. The thing was... HUGE, but... it could still feel pain, and be cut, right? He was feeling much stronger, now... Faster, too... He felt as strong as he was back home - finally! About time this city gave him back his full strength.]

[He skidded to a halt when he got nearer to one tentacle and found his way blocked by a couple slow moving, oozing snail-like monstrosities... that only got denser the closer one got to the tentacle's root. He abruptly clapped one hand to his mouth and nearly doubled over, taking all of his will to keep from retching. That was FOUL! Whatever those slime monsters were made out of... they reeked of the dead.]

[Untying his tie, Sanji quickly wrapped it around his head, over his nose and mouth before tying it off. It barely helped, but at least it was SOMETHING. Taking in a deep breath -- and then immediately regretting it, but shoving it all back down -- Sanji ran towards the huge tentacle again, trying to dodge the slow, oozing slugs... or whatever they were. Sanji wasn't sure if his kicks would even be effective against something that looked like they had the consistancy of molasses. It seemed they wouldn't give him that option, though, as one lurched up right in his way. Grinding his teeth together, Sanji continued to run straight at it, then veered at the last second to come up to its side, lashing out at it with a powerful side-kick aimed at its collarbone. Well, if it HAD a collarbone.]

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[Action] (Tuesday afternoon, in the South)

[Te'ijal has been hunting Aeon-spawn all day. It seems they were taunting her; while she's had to search before, now she's ambushed by a whole gang of them. She keeps calm, though, and shoots them one at a time. The smell of death was no deterrent; in fact, it was almost comforting, reminding her of home.

[One gets too close for her to shoot. Instead of backing away, though, she opens her mouth, baring newly-Bended fangs, and bites it. The Aeon-spawn freezes, paralyzed, but Te'ijal doesn't take advantage of that right away, as she's too busy gagging. Eventually she backs off to shooting distance and dispatches it, but her mouth is still black from its "blood".]

[Action] East District, Tuesday

[Jetstorm saw the tendrils hit Nautilus and wasted no time in leaping to the sky, flying as fast as he could towards the nearest one, intent on severing it somehow. Landing a short distance away, he started to run closer, figuring he could wrench it from it's mooring...

Only to stop when he saw the strange creatures around the tentacle, vents heaving as the wafting smell of rust, decay, sour fuel were hitting him, taking a step back as he tried to shut out the awful smells.

After a moment to steel himself, he approached again, expression determined as he started to kick his way through the mass, intent on his task. However as he was doing this, creatures that fell before him wound up trampled, sending a wave of new stench up that made him gag, instantly taking to the skies again.

He had yet to notice the splattered gore around his pedes, more interested in his current task.]

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