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so empty, everyone's missing
quality_friend wrote in thewake_rp
[Dana's voice is weak and very tired-sounding. But for people who've seen her in the past few days, she sounds much better.]

'lo, guys. Medics say I can talk to people over the network now, as long as you try not to stress me. And visitors, if you talk with them first.

I'm- not fine, but I will be. Dunno when, but I'll be back to normal, I promise.

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Dana, I need your help.

Do you know anything about voodoo, or necromancy, or spirit possession? Or do you know anyone who does or might have the tools to do it?

Dib, if this is about Holiday... She'll come back, sooner or later. What you want to do, it won't help, and it might make things worse.

I don't care, I have to fix this. I didn't come here for counseling, just tell me yes or no so I'm not wasting my time.

It's not counseling, it's warning you about possibly messing up how resurrections naturally work here.

The only person I know who might be able to help at all is Death.

Death. Right. I talked to Death once. What about ghosts? Would Danny know anything?

You're awake!

[Yeah, screw the network. He's there in less than a second, and visibly restraining himself from giving her a HUGE HUG]

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[Pardon her for not getting up, sitting up is still tiring.]

Wally, it's great to see you, but I think you should've knocked first-"

[Because at the sudden intrusion, a gray furry thing that had been sitting on the foot of Dana's bed suddenly springs up and launches itself at Wally, hissing angrily.]



[Yeaaaah, he's on the other side of the room now.]

Hi Dana how're you feeling?

Better. I'm sitting up without help now.

Sorry about Ghost. I think she feels bad, because she wasn't there when Xemnas attacked.

Ah, Miss Dana...! It is very good to hear your voice! I'm afraid I cannot come and bring you any treats to boost your strength, but... ...I'm not quite presentable at the moment, I'm afraid. This shitty black gunk does NOT come off! Please take good care of yourself! Do you have people around you to protect you?

It's all right. I hope we find a way to get rid of that black gunk.

The Medbay's pretty well protected, and I'm not planning to leave until I can defend myself.

Ahh... that is very good news, Miss Dana~! My heart swells in relief! I hope your recovery is swift.

It's good to hear you're doing better. You had me worried.

Sorry, Caesar. You don't need another scare. I'll recover, though, and I'll be even more careful in the future.

Hey, hey. No guilt, all right? I'm just saying I'm glad you're doing better because I am.

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