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[ city-wide ACTION ]
spirals 2
thewake_mods wrote in thewake_rp
[A great rumbling echoes throughout Nautilus. Before one can wonder what the sound is, the ground begins to tremble. That trembling quickly escalates, shaking harder and harder until it feels as though the ground is about to jerk away.

[Surprise surprise: that's exactly what happens.

[The entire city drops several feet at once. Then more. Then even more. All the while, the rumbling continues, slowly growing louder and louder.

[Then, with a great roar of sound, a massive column of light bursts from the center of the city. It's not difficult to guess the location. This is a light coming straight from Nautilus' heart.

[A deafening shriek from above drowns out the roar. The great column has struck the Dark Aeon, tearing away metal and twisted flesh until it exposes something. Something putrid and repulsive and pulsing. Something that repels, but is impossible to deny.

[The Dark Aeon's heart is there, exposed for all to see.

[All over Nautilus, puddlespawn drop and dissolve where they are. Any lingering nightmares cease. Then, with a horrible squeezing feeling for those affected, the Dark Aeon's control over its puppets is wrenched away.

[The shriek cuts off. The roar dies down. The light, too, fades.

[A moment later, letters appear in the sky. An arrow points to the revealed heart, and a single word is very helpfully written: strike.]

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[Action - in the South]

[Almost as soon as the city had dropped, Sanji had felt something squeeze, and twist inside of him, then tear away... and suddenly he was himself again. Still terribly bruised and beaten from the fight, bound and restrained to keep him down and away from attacking anyone else. The first thing he registered, though, was terrible guilt. Some of it was a lingering keepsake from the earlier confrontation with Pyramid Head, when he had initially been taken over, but most of it was from his actions during that time. He'd abandoned his rescue attempt of Orihime. He fought against his 'allies'! Hindered their attacks, in their attempts to save Orihime! No matter how much he had railed against it, he couldn't wrest back control of his own body. He was thankful, when he had finally been knocked down, and forced to stay down.]

[Of course, now whatever had been controlling him was GONE, but how could he convince others of that? HE wouldn't believe himself!]

[His attention was grabbed by the massive column of light that shot up from Nautilus, delivering a definitive shot into the Dark Aeon. Sanji grinned wryly, a sense of relief washing through him. Good. Maybe now they could all finally end this.]

[Well, provided he could convince people he was no longer a threat. He wiggled in his bonds, wincing as it pulled sore, bruised, cut, and injured muscles and flesh.]

.... Oi. Someone wanna let me go? Whatever shitty thing had a hold of me is gone, now. I swear. Someone let me loose. I wanna help FIGHT against that shitty Aeon, too! I could probably use a doctor, too, briefly, or something... Even if it's just a quick bandage.

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