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11th Story ♬ [Video] - AHOY, MATEYS
ptrpan wrote in thewake_rp
[Peter's standing on the deck of what looks to be a pirate ship. Behind him is the red sky of the Western District. Peter is wearing a ridiculously large black Captain's Hat. He's at the helm of a ship, grinning ear to ear.]

I know a call to attack when I see one! And just as I was thinking it might be nice to have a ship with which to attack that thing up there, I found one! It's just like the Jolly Roger 'cept there's no Codfish to claim it, so it's all mine! There's cannons and everything! It's great!

Used some pixie dust to get this thing afloat, so now I just need a crew! So --

[He twists his grin into a sneer, raising his right hand and curling his index finger to look like a hook. He lowers his voice, to a near-perfect imitation of Nigel Thornberry Tim Curry his world's Captain Hook]

Who among ye scurvy slubberdegullions is brave enough to join the crew of Captain Pan?

((OOC: So yeah, anyone who wants to hop on the ship and attack the Dark Aeon that way? Comment here, Peter (or Caesar) will come pick you up. The battle thread for the Jolly Roger crew is here for whenever you wanna join in!))

((EDIT: Caesar will be ferrying reinforcements to and from the ship with his flying laboratory. Also, GLaDOS will provide Peter with a Portal Gun that works one-way, opening up a Blue Portal directly into Aperture as a quick way to send reinforcements & provide a retreat for the wounded))

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[Hey, there's a really weird ship hovering next to your giant pirate ship.]

That's a nice ship, Peter. A really nice ship.

[Video/Kinda Action]

[Peter stares at the ship, then grins down at the video feed.]

Ahoy, Cap'n Caesar! It belonged to old Codfish until I found it.

You're not gonna board us, are you? 'Cause I'd hate to have to kill you. Maybe I'd just press you into my crew, instead.

[Caesar salutes.]

I'd hate for you to have to kill me, too. How about we just call a truce, and I pick you up a crew?

Just how close can you get to that thing up there? Because for once your utter lack of self preservation instincts might be a good thing.

As close as I need to be. Why? Up for a game of pirates, GLaDOS? You'd be a great gunner, I should think!



That's Cap'n Pan to you, milady!

[Well, thankfully he had been believed, and released... and had some quick healing done on him, though he was still rather sore. It was nothing he wasn't USED to, though, and could push through the pain. He glanced at the Network, to see how people were organizing, and...]


[There was a PIRATE SHIP. FLYING. (Luffy would be agog and demanding to make the Merry fly, upon seeing this. That would happen later; not quite the same way, but close enough!) After a moment's surprise, Sanji shook his head to refocus his thoughts. This was Nautilus, after all! Damn near anything was possible. He gave the kid a scrutinizing look, then shrugged his shoulders.]

Oy... Understand this first, above all else. I'm never calling you my captain, nor will I be a part of your crew. BUT, permission to come aboard, to help fight off that shitty Aeon... sir?

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[Peter looks annoyed at first, but calms down when Sanji says "sir".]

Very well! I'll not turn down extra hands for my ship, whether they're on my crew or not. Do you know how to fire a cannon?

[Have a little girl who sounds nothing like one, with a very mature and reprimanding voice.]

You are not flying that ship anywhere. It's dangerous!

You could be killed.

Haven't you got eyes? I'm flying it right now.

You're going to be recruiting kids, aren't you.

...I'm coming. I can shield and throw anything the Aeon attacks us with right back in its face.

Okay! Caesar can come pick you up in his big flying barrel!

[Someone is enjoying his recently reacquainted gold plating a little too much. His ego received a generous boost as well.]

I am not afraid of anything.

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[Peter stares for a moment at the glowing man, then smiles. What's a pirate ship without any gold, after all?]

Come on aboard, then! Welcome to the crew, shiny guy!

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