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22nd Haunt ❄ - [Video] - Take a melody, simple as can be...
[Ghost] Whaaat
halfspooky wrote in thewake_rp

[Danny is onscreen in front of some putrid, rotten, decaying... and unfamiliar location. Where in Nautilus is he? Hah. Trick question! HE'S ON THE DARK AEON.]

This is gonna sound crazy, especially coming from someone who got really hurt by it, but... I don't think this thing is as evil as we thought it was. Or it's not... supposed to be.

[He has no way of actually confirming this, but...]

This is an Aeon, like Nautilus. It's a world. This might have been somebody's home. It... it couldn't have always been like this. What if something made it this way?

You guys, I... I think it's sick.

[Unconsciously, Danny's hand moves to his chest, feeling the scar beneath the fabric.]

I know that we can use bending to heal wounds and sickness and stuff. [Not that he'd had that luxury when he'd been injured.] And with bending crazy strong like it is right now, we could probably amp it up to ridiculous levels. So... what if we all banded together and focused our bending instead of attacking? Focused on clearing this gunk everywhere, and taking away... whatever it is that's making it produce this stuff in the first place.

What if, instead of killing it, we could cure it?

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....Caesar! Caesar, the Dark Aeon hypnotized Danny into doing its evil bidding to convince us not to fight! We have to shut off his communication before he distracts everyone and kills us all!

Dib, I -- what?

I am not hypnotized!

[Considering he hasn't exactly been attacking the Aeon in the first place, it's not too hard to listen here.]

Just clearing it of whatever is wrong with it may not be enough. But if we could reverse what it's become completely...

[Rather than a simple cure, Batman reflects on the nature of Orihime's healing abilities.]

I... I don't know what to focus on, honestly. But this thing is alive. And the gunk that was controlling me... this place is covered in it.

Maybe that doesn't mean anything but... I don't know.


It's an Aeon. It embodies darkness and corruption itself. So unless you're planning to make it not an Aeon, we aren't going to be able to just magically fix it.

Then don't help! Not like you would have bended anything anyway.

[Oh, that place. That place. It looks even worse than the place where she went in her illusions, the place where she'd die one day. How could that boy stand it?]

Can't be healed. 'T's too far gone. [She couldn't be healed, and she didn't like hurting people the way that thing did. But her crying is audible, almost drowns out the words.]

We have to do something! There are people here!

And what if we heal it and it just lashes out?

Haaaaadn't thought that far ahead.

[Sanji frowned darkly, not quite liking too much what Danny was implying. It was so much easier to just view it as a foe to be beaten, defeated... but... if it was "sick"? If he elevated it to the level of a person? A suffering person...?]

[He was so angry at it, what it did to him, what it did to others, all the pain it caused... He didn't want to let go of his anger quite yet. He wanted it gone, and not hurting anyone any more. But... if what Danny said was right... If these Aeons could actually feel and all... If it truly was in pain and suffering...]

.o(Damn it... Shit.)

[Sanji bit off a bit of a growl, before replying.] Kid... do you REALLY think this thing can even be healed? It might be beyond the point of saving. It might be more humane to put it out of it's misery. .o(And ours...)

I don't... I don't know. I'm not sure of anything.

But maybe you're right about putting it out of its misery. I just... gah.

...are you out of your mind!?

Don't you realize that some creatures are evil and unrepentant? It has taken far too much pleasure in our suffering for illness to be an excuse!

And I don't want to jump up and take pleasure in anyone else's suffering, either! Even if it is that horrible thing that hurt everyone!

[He takes a moment from his singing]

If there is even a remote chance, then it is worth the striving.

I hope so.

Otherwise I really am just distracting everyone.

[Of all the times for him to catch something on the network....

[Axel just stares for a second, the eyes he's modified to constantly use the Angelii's Sight overbright and completely incredulous. Once he realizes that Danny's actually serious...?

[He lets loose a short bark of laughter and shakes his head.]

You gotta be kidding me.

[Danny winces at the laughter, but tries not to let the insecure high school boy side of him take over.]

Well, I'm... I'm not.

[Dana looks through the replies before adding her input.]

Even if it's sick and hurting... it's enjoying what it's doing to us. The people you saw, though... You're right, we need to at least try to help. For them, if nothing else.

I'll try. Whatever happens, I'm gonna go back for them.

(Deleted comment)
[Danny gazes at the blank screen a moment, considering everything everyone has said and done -- put it out of its misery, Sanji had said -- and then lowers his head in a solemn nod. It can't be seen, but there's definite resignation in his voice.]


So... what's the plan, then?

Do you think that would really work? [purification and healing is more of Sailor Moon's thing anyways but she's also pretty naive.]

[Video] skldjalksdj SAILOR MOON YAY :D

I don't know anymore. Seems like the whole city's divided into two camps now. We either unmake it, or take away its power and find a way to rehabilitate it.

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